1KS~10PCS/LOT STM32H743VIT6 QFP100 Nové originální

1KS~10PCS/LOT STM32H743VIT6 QFP100 Nové originální

1KS~10PCS/LOT STM32H743VIT6 QFP100 Nové originální

  • Kategorie: nové
  • Kód Produktu : k59
  • Dostupnost : Skladem
  • 329.26 Kč

    354.04 Kč

Štítky: stm32h750, baterie ml2032, stm32f030f4p6, stm32h750vbt6, daikin filtr, sim7600, stm32f030, atiny13, pásmový grafický ekvalizér, 4 pixhawk.

  • Typ: stm32h743vit6
  • Certifikace: stm32h743vit6
  • Číslo Modelu: stm32h743vit6
  • Aplikace: stm32h743vit6
Liljay404 2020-11-22

Put the wolf in the transceiver. V letter on board.

Artbolka 2020-08-28

Брал для приемника Малахит-DSP. Соберу - дополню отзыв

Rosie1969 2020-11-24

Working processor! Forgot to specify in the order to send Rev. v, because. They could have done it, but the controller came with revision V, which pleased. St-link utility and Keil controller see, firmware via St-link V2 mini-without problems (Keil refused to sew, while in the programmer will not update the firmware). You can take, the seller is good!

Ya Love Parapa 2020-11-17

He was safe and safe. Before that, I ordered and unfortunately the chip never came. But it's not the seller's fault. Who doesn't know is a microcontroller built on ARM Cortex-M3 core .. .. All the main manufacturers of microcontrollers that are present in Russia except microchip, have or develop solutions based on this architecture: STMicroelectronics, Texas Instrument, NXP, Atmel, analog Devices, Renesas. Very not a weak microcontroller, which can be used in various crafts. You need to know electronics and programming of course. To the seller of development and prosperity. All the best and all the best. I wish buyers a pleasant shopping and counting mood. All good.

Shiralel 2020-11-22

Separately indicated the need for audit V, the seller did not fail. Quickly came with a normal track in the consolidated parcel.

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